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Cracker Production Line

Pub Time : 2019-01-17 09:31:41
Cracker Production Line

The production line automatically completes the mechanical and electrical integration of sieving sugar, conveying, waste recycling, baking, spraying oil and cooling from feeding to three times pressing. The thickness of biscuits can be adjusted arbitrarily, the speed of mechanical movement can be adjusted quickly or slowly, and it has a series of advanced equipment such as automatic temperature control. The production line has the functions of roll cutting and roll printing, so it can produce tough biscuits and crisp biscuits, and choose the way you want. There are more than 1000 kinds of mould patterns.

Structure and Principle of Cracker Production Line:

Cracker Production Line

Biscuit production line is composed of biscuit forming machine, tunnel hot air circulating electric baking oven, injector, turning machine, cooling line, biscuit finishing machine, biscuit sandwich machine, packing table, etc. The whole line is controlled by CPU module and driven by back-mounted motor. It has compact structure and high automation. It includes feeding, three-way pressing surface, forming, sieving sugar, conveying, waste and recycling. Baking, spraying, cooling and other Mechatronics are automatically completed.

Cracker Production Line

Classification and Characteristics of Biscuit Raw Materials:
The main ingredients of biscuits are wheat flour, sugar, fat, eggs, dairy and other accessories. According to the different formulation and production technology, biscuits can be divided into tough biscuits and crisp biscuits. Toughness biscuits are characterized by concave impressions and needle eyes on the surface. The surface of the product is smooth and smooth, and the cross-section structure has layers. When chewing, it has a feeling of brittleness, chewing resistance and brittleness as its unique characteristics. The sugar and fat content of tough biscuits is lower than that of crisp biscuits. Generally, the amount of sugar used is less than 30%, and the amount of oil used is less than 20%. Crispy biscuits are characterized by convex pattern, clear pattern and fine structure, which is 14%~30% of the flour content. Some special products with loose sweetness can use as much as 50% oil.

Cracker Production Line

Crispy biscuits: baked food with porous structure and loose taste, which is made of wheat flour, sugar and oil as the main raw materials, with the addition of loosening agent and other auxiliary materials, and is usually convex in shape by cold powder process, roll pressing, roll printing or punching and baking. Such as butter biscuits, onion biscuits, sesame biscuits, crisp biscuits and so on.Toughness biscuit: baked food with wheat flour, sugar and grease as main raw materials, loosening agent, modifier and other supplementary materials. Most of the shapes made by hot powder process such as powder mixing, roll pressing, roll cutting or stamping, baking are concave, with smooth appearance, smooth surface, needle eyes, layered cross section and crisp taste. Such as milk cakes, vanilla cakes, egg-flavored cakes, Mary cakes, Boston cakes and so on.

Fermented (soda) cake: a crisp baked food with special flavor of fermented products, which is made of wheat flour, sugar and oil as the main raw materials, yeast as the loosening agent, and various supplementary materials, through fermentation, flour mixing, roll pressing, lamination and baking. Fermentation cake, also known as chocolate shelf, is divided into salty fermentation cake and sweet fermentation cake according to its formula.Crisp biscuit: a thin, crisp baked food made from wheat flour, sugar, oil and spices.Cookies: The main raw materials of cookies are wheat flour, sugar and dairy products, with the addition of dehydrating agents and other auxiliary materials, and noodles, which are formed in the form of extrusion, extrusion and steel wire cutting. The cookies are baked into crisp baked food with three-dimensional patterns or regular ripple on the surface and high oil content.

Sandwich biscuit: sandwich baked food with sugar, fat or jam as the main raw material between two biscuits.Weathering biscuits: crisp baked food made from wheat flour (glutinous rice flour) and starch as main raw materials, emulsifier, loosening agent and other auxiliary materials, and by mixing, pouring and baking. Also known as waffles.Egg biscuit cookies: wheat flour, sugar, eggs as the main raw materials, add loose ingredients, flavors and other accessories, stir beating, mixing, pouring, baking and made of crispy baked food, commonly known as egg based biscuits.Egg rolls: with wheat flour, sugar and eggs as the main raw materials, add loose ingredients, flavors and other excipients, stir and paste (fermented or non fermented), pouring or hanging, baking baking rolls made of crispy baked food.Viscose biscuits: a loose baked food made from wheat flour, sugar and oil as the main raw materials, dairy products, egg products, loosening agents, spices and other auxiliary materials through mixing, shaping, baking, cooling, surface mounting viscose flowers and drying.Bubble biscuits: Porous baked food with strong fragrance, which is made of wheat flour, sugar and eggs as the main raw materials, adding bulking agent, through mixing, rolling, shaping, boiling water blanching, cold water immersion and baking.

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