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Crispy Rice Food Processing Line

Pub Time : 2019-01-17 14:48:13
Crispy Rice Food Processing Line

Pot, the earliest refers to the bottoms of the pot when cooking burnt rice. It is called "pot coke" in Guangdong, "pot slag" in Shanxi and "pot bar" in Sichuan. In Sichuan, the folk proverb "Don't eat pot, don't turn around the kitchen table" was once circulated.Nowadays, diligent and wise people have improved the traditional food processing and made a delicious food for all ages. It can be used as a snack for leisure and as a dish for cooking, so that everyone can taste the crisp and fragrant pot. It is usually made of rice, millet, soybeans, mung beans, etc. According to the different raw materials and spices, it can be made into a variety of flavors. Common in the market are cumin flavor, spicy flavor, beef flavor, spicy pot, etc.The pot made from cereals contains many beneficial substances, such as protein, minerals, vitamins, crude fibers and so on. These pots are not only crisp and delicious, but also nutritious, and can strengthen the spleen, digest and stop diarrhea. Therefore, people with spleen deficiency, indigestion and persistent diarrhea are more suitable to eat pot.

Food puffing technology has a long history in China. In ancient times, frying was regarded as one of the important methods to make food puffing. For various reasons, the expansion technology in China has developed slowly. It was not until the late 1970s that the research on puffing technology and puffed food began. With the improvement of people's living standard, people's demand for puffed food is getting higher and higher.

Crispy Rice Food Processing Line

As a new food processing technology, extrusion technology has developed rapidly abroad. As early as 1856, Ward of the United States applied for a patent on food puffing technology. During the war of aggression from 1930s to 1940s, Japan used puffing technology to process corn and wheat, and then pressed them into military grain. In the field of puffed food, puffed snacks have developed most rapidly, and the annual output value of the United States has reached more than one billion US dollars. In recent years, the main puffed foods produced by puffed technology abroad are: puffed staple food, artificial meat, potato food, dehydrated apple, fast food, snacks, instant drinks, Starch and cereals were also produced by puffing process.

Crispy Rice Food Processing Line

With the development of food industry, the emergence of new technology and technology, the improvement of people's living standards, the extrusion technology and equipment will inevitably continue to develop, and the production of more popular low-oil, natural products. Microwave extrusion technology and baking extrusion technology as new extrusion technology have attracted people's attention and gradually applied in production. Ultra-low temperature extrusion technology, ultrasonic extrusion technology and chemical extrusion technology may be applied in the near future. Expanded technology and food are in the ascendant in our country. With the development of the above work and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the expanded food which meets the needs of people's life will develop rapidly.

Expansion is carried out by the expander and the cutting device is activated in time to cut and shape the pot extruded from the expander. The temperature of oil and the speed of rolling belt are controlled by conveyor belt conveying to the frying device. The fried pot is conveyed to the deoiling device for centrifugal deoiling, and the deoiled pot is inverted in the conveyor plate and put into condiment by conveyor belt according to different flavors. Seasoning is carried out in the inner packaging device, which is conveyed by conveyor belt, and the inner packaging is carried out in the inner packaging device.

Crispy Rice Food Processing Line:

Process Flow:Preparation-Mixing-Stirring-Expanding-Cutting-Frying-Deoiling-Seasoning-Internal Packaging-Outsourcing

Preparation: refers to prepare the required materials.

Mixture: the formula for raw materials are mixed evenly.

Stirring: refers to the mixed material water for mixing to a suitable viscosity.

Is expanded: refers to the stirred material was extruded to molding.

Cut: refers to the expanding good crispy rice is cut into required length. Fried: refers to cut a good fried until cooked rice crust type.

Oil: refers to a good fried crispy rice to remove excess oil. Seasoning: refers to the deoiled crispy seasoning of different flavor.

Package: refers to the good taste crispy rice for inner packing. Outsourcing: refers to the package of good crispy package store sales.

Processing Line:The operation process:

(1) weighing:
Required for raw materials, seasoning weighing.

(2) mixed:
Raw material recipe was fully mixed, then stir, edge water, water is about 30% of the total.

(3) expanded
Boot before extruding, Rice noodles with some more water into the first machine, and start the machine, the wet material not easily through the nozzle extrusion. Semi dry, normal operation after adding 15%-18% water out, if too loose, that little amount of water. A soft, elastic, puffing, that too much moisture. These two things should be avoided. A second requirement of expansion, elastic, uniform holes. If the note is not qualified, can put the hopper back to re mixed extrusion, but one can not put too much.

(4) cutting:
The sliver of the cutting machine cut into square pieces 5cm.

(5) fried:
When the temperature is 130~140 degrees centigrade, chopped into semi-finished products. The frying with automatic frying machine

(6) and oil
Will be a good fried crispy rice by removing oil continuous oil removing machine.

(7) seasoning package
With various seasonings, which spread evenly in the crust on the surface, and packing as soon as possible.

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