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Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryer

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Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryer

Min.Order Quantity:
1 unit
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T/T,Western Union,L/C
Supply Ability:
3000 Piece/Pieces per Year
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Product Description

Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryer are widely used for drying and sterilizing powder, granular, flakes or colloidal form foods, nutritional health products, grain, agricultural and sideline products(rice, cornmeal), food, vegetables, and fruits, seafood, pickles,spices ( chilli powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, aniseed, cinnamon, angelica, cassia bark, fennel etc) , jam, a variety of small packaging and pet food mildew sterilization preservation.

Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryer of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as microwave traditional Chinese medicine dryer, microwave traditional Chinese medicine drying equipment, microwave medicine drying insecticidal, the same type of industrial microwave equipment, apply to heat-sensitive Chinese medicine, and valuable health herbs such as ginseng and other herbsdrying, sterilization processing.

Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryerfor herbs mainly use in drying and sterilizing for all kinds of tablets, pills, powder, oral liquid, medicine bottle, winebottle, Chinese- western medicine and medical gloves and garments.


1.New type enerLD saving dryers
2.Drying / cooling / dehumidify all in one
3.Power failure remember
4.Supply drying chamber

KINKAI Air source heat pump drying machine introduction:

Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryer

Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryer

Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryer


1. New design idea- a new genernation enerLD saving dryers with two times waste heat recovery;

2. Adopt heat regenerators to dehumidify;

3. Adopt touch screen controllers and dry/wet bulb to control temperature and humidity, operation drying machine easily and more accurate;

4. Adopt duct-type drying method, it with shorter drying time and well-distributed hot air, drying time shorter 30% than old models;

5.During drying, the material does not craze,does not distortions, non-discolouring,never degenerate, non-oxidize, drying completely,with good Rehydration, keep nutrient content;

6.Economical: LD heat pump technoloLD offers running costs that are typically up to 75% lower than with a conventional drying mahcine;

7.Environmental friendly;

8.Multifunctions: heating drying / cooling drying / dehumidify;

9.High / low pressure protection;

10.Power failure remember;

11.Supply dryer+drying chamber.

How do air source heat pump drying machine work?

Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryer

Technical Parameters

Model JK03RD JK06RD JK10RD
Suitable for drying chamber m3 10~20 20~30 30~40
Power supply V/PH/HZ 380/3/50 or 220/1PH/50 380/3/50 380/3/50
Power input KW 2.8 5.8 10.8
Running current A 8/17 12.6 22.5
Auxiliary electric heater(option) KW 9 9 9
Heating capacity KW 12 26 35
Cooling capacity KW 7.5 20 25
Dehumidification amount L/H 8 20 40
Max. hot air Temperature °C 75 75 75
Working ambient temperature °C -10~45 -10~45 -10~45
Refrigerant Kg Mixture type/2.5 Mixture type/4.3 Mixture type/8.0
Compressor Type Scroll Scroll Scroll
Brand Copeland/Danfoss Copeland/Danfoss Copeland/Danfoss
Quantity 1 1 2
Noise dB(A) 60 65 70
Fan motor for drying Power input/unit 250W/unit 250W/unit 250W/unit
Wind volume m3/H m3/H 2500m3/H/unit
Recommend qty 8 8 16units
Heat regenerator size mm 500*350*350 500*500*580 550*600*680
Fan motor for heat regenerator
Power input 200W 370W 550W
Wind volume 2000m3/H 2000m3/H 3500m3/H
Size(mm) 450*330*380 470*320*470 580*320*580
Wind valve Power input 6W 6W 6W
OPEN Exchange fresh air Exchange fresh air Exchange fresh air
CLOSE Drying Drying Drying
Size(mm) 480*320*120 630*560*120 720*640*125
Fan motor for evaporator
(2 units)
Power input 250W/unit 780W/unit 780W/unit
Wind volume 4600m3/H 10500m3/H 2*10500m3/H
Rotate speed 1350RPM 1350R/Min 1350R/Min
Hot air outlet mm 600*1100 650*1100 860*1485
Hot air return inlet mm 690*1100 750*1100 1050*1450
Dimension(L*W*H) mm 1650*960*1280 1720*1160*1280 2100*1460*1590
Net weigLD Kg 210 385 480
Gross weigLD Kg 240 420 540


Can dry all kinds of materials, such as vegetables, fruits, apples, pawpaw, coconut, mango, banana, spice, sea cucumber, seaweeds, beef, jerky, fish, herbs, onions, gingers, chili, pepper, cabbage, carrot, tea leaves etc.

Our drying project cases:

Hot-air circulating industrial fruit tray dryer

Our business trade way:

1.MOQ: 1 pcs

2.Payment: T/T(30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment, except for samples 100%)

3.Delivery time: 7~25 days after received deposit

4.Warranty: one year

After installation,during the guarantee period,our company will be responsible for probleLD caused by quality of production or raw material except the damageable spare parts of heat pump caused by incorrect man-made operation.

Conventionally, materials are dried either in the field (sun drying) or using
high temperature dryers (electric, gas fired, etc.). Successful outdoor drying
depends upon good weather and indeterminate weather can render a product
worthless. High temperature drying can damage the nutrient content and impart an
unpleasant smell to the dried product.
Specialty crops such as ginseng, herbs, echinacea, etc.,
need to be dried at low temperatures (30 - 45Celsius degree) for product quality
optimization. This is an important consideration as they have a relatively high
commercial value. Heating ambient air to use for drying, although a simple
cost-effective procedure, is of limited application, particularly at higher
ambient air relative humidities because of the low allowable maximum temperature
conditions. Under high ambient moist air conditions, it may not even be possible
to dry the material by conventional means. High temperature drying deteriorates
the material structure and can render it unsuitable for further use. Low
temperature drying of specialty crops reduces the risk of loss in nutrient
content and damage to physical properties. Drying system incorporating a
dehumidification cycle have been developed that both conserve enerLD and handle
the material gently. The dryer operates using a heat pump where both sensible
and latent heats are recovered from the exhaust air. The heat is then recycled
back through the dryer by heating the air entering the dryer. The heat pump
drying system is a combination of two sub-systeLD: a heat pump and a
The heat pump operates according to a basic air
conditioning cycle involving four main components: the evaporator, the
compressor, the condenser and the expansion valve.
The working fluid (refrigerant) at low pressure is
vaporized in the evaporator by heat drawn from the dryer exhaust air. The
compressor raises the enthalpy of the working fluid of the heat pump and
discharges it as superheated vapor at high-pressure. Heat is removed from the
working fluid and returned to the process air at the condenser. The working
fluid is then throttled to the low-pressure line (using an expansion valve) and
enters the evaporator to complete the cycle.
In the dryer system, hot and dry air at the exit of
condenser is allowed to pass through the drying chamber where it gains latent
heat from the material. The humid air at dryer exit then passes through the
evaporator where condensation of moisture occurs as the air goes below dew point


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