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Good quality milk drying and sterilize machine

Place of Origin:
Shandong, China (Mainland)
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1 Set/Sets
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Product Description


1) equipment small
2) low price, low cost
3)good peformance
4) NEW craft for sterilize
5)easy to control

Ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine

1, equipment type and name

JN-2000 type ultra-high instantaneous sterilization machine

2, use

This equipment is suitable for fresh milk, juice, beverage, ice lolly and ice cream paste, soy sauce, soybean milk, condensed milk, alcohol and other liquid foodstuff of instantaneous sterilization, also can be used for fluid spicery sterilization, the effect is very significant.

3,The main technical performance and characteristics

1, capacity: 2KL/h

2, sterilization temperature: 115~135°C

3, vapour pressure: 0.78MPa(8kg/cm2)

4, time: 3s

5, ouput temperature : 65°C

6, steam consumption: 0.15kg/L material

7, motor rate: impeller pump:2.2KW

8, fnet weigLD: 200Kg

9, floor space 1m2

3, feature

1, the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small.

2, cleaning is simple, using C I P chemical detergent, do not need to remove the part.

3, The use of safe, easy to operate.

4, principle and structure characteristics

Ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization machine principle as shown in figure (1) shows.

Liquid material feed pump (2) Into the double set of coil (3) And get preheating,

And then through high pressure barrels (5),Due to the bucket full of steam,Tube liquid material was soon heating,The keep the three seconds,Liquid material contain bacteria was killed immediately. At this time the temperature of the liquid material from the thermometer (6) display.Heat stock out after high temperature barrel by double set of coil (3) and cold material for heat exchange cooling, And discharge temperature can be decreased significantly, the general condition is lower than 65 °C, such as some material next process need to supply high temperature, can open Angle type cut-off valve (12) supplementary heating.

If you want to continue to cooling can access ice water (1-2 °C) discharge is through the throttle valve (7), the valve can make the material to maintain in a certain pressure, make its boiling point higher than the maximum heating temperature, the normal production will be the adjustment, the pump of the thrust overcome spring pressure produce "back pressure" control flow, in washing all open, cycle storage tank (9) can be used to compound chemical detergent for cycle washing plate wall surface scale.

When dealing with high viscosity material a diagram later can connect high pressure homogenizer. This equipment users should bring along their own squash, ability for 1.5 2 kl/h, pressure 14.7 MPa.

This equipment and material contact part, all adopt the stainless steel 1 cr18ni9ti manufacturing, double sleeve plate work special machine tool processing, concentricity high. Inner surface is brigLD and clean, so that the fluid material through the double set of coil when lead into a uniform fluid layer, heating is very uniform.

This equipment of feed and discharge all use tee cock, flow can according to need adjustment, the use of reliable.

Equipment characteristics:

(1) the continuous production, and the sterilization time is very short.

(1) with heating time short can get good quality products.

(2) with the ultra high temperature sterilization, the sterilization effect is very high.

(3) and centrifugal pump or high pressure homogenizer series use, application range have wide, suitable for high viscosity material sterilization.

(4) with the design of a cold and hot material heat exchange instruments have waste heat utilization economic effect, so steam consumption small.


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