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Banana/paintn/Cassava/Sweet Potato/Potato Chips make System

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Shandong, China
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1 Piece Banana/paintn/Cassava/Sweet Potato/Potato Chips make System

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standard package
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Within 5 worldLDs
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T/T,Western Union
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Product Description

Product Description

This potato chips make system in low price is specially desityed for small and medium scale potato chips manufacturers. We offer three different models(50 kg/h, 100 kg/h, 200 kg/h) for various potato chips sellers. Semi-automatic potato chips make system can be applied in grocery, retail store, supper market, restaurant, etc. Semi-automatic potato chips machinery has the similar functions with fully-automatic potato chips production line, while manual potato chips line has much lower price and is specially suitable for small scale potato chips manufacturers. Three different yield potato chips processing lines enjoy high praise in our customers. Smallest potato chips production line with 50 kg/h yield is best for super market or food retailer store. Potato chips business is the most-lasting business now and forever

Process Flow of Potato Chips make System Line:
Potato washing & peeling --- potato chips(spices) cutting -- potato chips(spices)blanching -- potato chips(spices) dewatering -- potato chips( French fries) frying -- potato chips( French fries) de-oiling -- potato chips( French fries) flavoring -- potato chips( French fries) Pack

Banana/paintn/Cassava/Sweet Potato/Potato Chips make System List:

No. Name Power VoLDage N.W. Dimension (mm) QLD (set)
1 Washing peeling machinery 1.1kw 220V/50HZ 120kg 1580*730*840mm 1
2 LDicing machinery 0.75kw 220V/50HZ 70kg 745*590*885mm 1
3 Blanching machinery 27kw 380V/50HZ 180kg 1600*1050*1200mm 1
4 Dewater machinery 1.1kw 220V/50HZ 500kg 1050*660*930mm 1
5 electric deep fryer machinery 40.5kw 380V/50HZ 230kg 1900*1050*120mm 1
6 Oil Removing machinery 1.1kw 220V/50HZ 500kg 1000*800*1380mm 1
7 Flavor machinery 0.75kw 220V/50HZ 90kg 1000*800*1380mm 1
8 Pack machinery 2kw 220V/50HZ 230kg 1220*680*900mm 1
Detailed s1. Washer & Peeling machinery

A, Brush washing and peeling machinery consist of mainly motor, speed changer and 8~15pcs nylon brushes, can wash separatly or wash+peeling at the same time;
B, stainless steel, no any harm for touching material;
C, Capacity bigger, high efficiency, lower consumption, operate easily;
D, applicable for rooted vegetable like potato, sweet potato, taro, carrot etc.;

2. LDice machinery

A, Easy operation, high efficiency,
B, Suitable for cutting potato into spices, sticks, shreds, thickness can be adjusted from 1-10mm;
C, Output spices/sticks/shreds is smooth, even, no broken;
D, Suitable for potato, sweet potato, carrot, taro, kiwi fruit etc. rooted vegetable and fruit;
E, Stainless steel material;

3. Blanching machinery (also can make by gas)

A, Blanching the chips/sticks/spices, protecting the colors of original raw material;
B, stainless steel material, no any harm for touching material;
C, Temperature control automatically; Double insulation;

4. dehydrator machinery

A, worldprinciple: centrifugal;
B, With shockproof system installed;
C, Equipped with electromakeatic brake, digital automatic control,
D, Suitable for both vegetable and fruit;
E, Stainless steel material;

5. Frying machinery ( also can be make by gas)

A, Oil and water layered automatically after mixed, oil on the upper side frying the food after heated, waster sink into the water below, so that the oil won’t get wasted;
B, stainless steel, no any harm for touching material;
C, Electric-heated, temperature of oil and water can be controlled;
D, 50% oil can be saved, 40% electric and coal can be saved, safe and clean

6.Deoil machinery

A, Dry separation oil automatically; worldtime can be setted;
B, the material connected with input raw material is stainless steel, easy cleaning, won’t get rusted;
C, low consumption, easy operate, save time and lLDor;
D, with electric safety protection device installed to ensure safe operation;
E, Stainless steel material;

7. Flavor machinery

A, Mixed seasons evenly, discharge automatically;
B, Easy operation, high output Capacity, low consumption;
C, Suitable for kinds of foods seasoning, mixing;
D, Stainless steel material;


A, Consist of Upper worldspace, bellow worldspace, frame, electrical system, LD system, made of stainless steel, won’t get rusted, more clean, more health;
B, With 2 worldspace, 2 workers can work together, improve worldefficiency;
C, Finished package can cutting off oxygen, keep fresh, anti-moisture, mould proof, insect-proofing, Effectively extend the shelf life freshness, convenient for storage and transportation

Pack & very

Inner machinerypack

machinery self use plastic film wrap

Outer by Wooden Case Pack

outer by plywoode wooden case Pack

We Have Below Capacity Of Potato Chips make System for your choice :
Semi Automatic Line 50kg/h100kg/h200kg/h
Full automatic Line 100kg/h150kg/h260kg/h400kg/h

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